Saturday, 30 August 2014

Construction Zone

Coconut Coast Villas has been busy the past two weeks working on installing new kitchen cabinets and tile counter tops in both of our two bedroom waterfront suites.

Dealing with the logistics of getting necessary materials to St. John for any type of project like this is always an adventure.  The kitchen cabinets were shipped to the island from somewhere in "the States" and took around 2-3 weeks to make it to St. John.  Dave worked on clearing customs and hauling all of the materials over to Coconut Coast Villas. He did this in unheard of time here on the island, he seems to have a way of "batting" his baby blues and making things happen.  I now send him to do everything around here! The process ended up being much easier than we anticipated. We only had damage to one of the boxes, which seemed pretty good considering how long they had to travel.

Coconut Coast Villas looked like a construction zone for several weeks with huge boxes blocking some of our parking areas and outdoor space.  We also had tile saws, drills, and hammering noises going on off and on for several days.

During demolition, we had a slight hiccup when Dave accidentally busted a water pipe.  Luckily, everyone was at the beach and we only had minor disruption to water service to rooms.  Ironically, when we worked on the second kitchen installation, we broke another pipe!

After some hard work doing the install, they are finished and look great.

Thank you to all the guests who had to tolerate the noises and messes while you were here. We appreciate your kindness and patience.

Come book a stay at Coconut Coast Villas in one of our two bedroom waterfront suites and see the new kitchens!

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